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Features at-a-glance

PrettyySnappyBooth features listed here.


Let’s get this party started & keep it going all night! You get 4 hours of fun and let’s not forget the hours of enjoyment reliving the fun socially.


After the event, you get all the high resolution photos and the rights to use them as you please.

Did we mention the Pretty Snappy Booth was built using a high quality DSLR camera & studio lighting? Rad.


Your event is about to get an upgrade. Our open-air photo booth will get you out from behind the curtain and out of the box.

More people = More fun.

Jump, dance, find 20 of your friends and strike pose. You’ll see it instantly on the screen, take home a custom print out or use the social sharing kiosk.


One of our experts will set up and take down the Pretty Snappy Booth. We’ll also stick around to make sure your guests are having an awesome time and will rave about how much fun they had. Now that’s pretty snappy.


All the photos from the event will be kept available online to download, share, and print. Safe and secure.


While we may have redesigned the traditional photo booth, we couldn’t lose most cherished aspects of the experience – prints of course. For only $200, instantly print 4×6 images.

Visual Composer Compatibility

Experience is built to work in partner with Visual Composer (sold separately) giving you complete freedom of your site’s layout.

As if Visual Composer wasn’t already good enough, Experience includes the Experience Visual Composer Extension plugin – a ton of custom Visual Composer building blocks designed for use with the Experience theme!


Here you will find answers to some of the most common questions about Experience. If you can’t find an answer for your question please post it on the item’s comments page.

If you have any questions to ask before purchasing or you encounter a bug in the theme you can get fast, reliable support by posting on the item’s comments page. When posting follow up responses to your question or issue please use the “reply” button on your original post so your conversation is threaded. This makes it easier to follow and quicker to assist you.

No. The Experience theme is compatible with the Visual Composer plugin and the two together make the ideal partnership for creating a great website. However, we believe it is better for you, the user, if you purchase your own Visual Composer license.

There are several reasons why Visual Composer is not included directly in the theme.

  • The developers of Visual Composer have put in thousands of hours of work creating and maintaining the plugin and they continue to release regular updates with fixes and new features. Their hard work deserves your support.
  • By purchasing your own license for Visual Composer you will be able to receive support directly from the people who know the plugin best – the plugin developers.
  • When premium plugins are bundled with themes users must wait until the theme’s developer releases an updated version of the theme that includes the update for the plugin. By purchasing a Visual Composer license you can get important plugin security updates as soon as they are released.

We make every effort to help everyone who asks for assistance, however, it is not possible for us to provide theme customization and code alterations for individual users. We will point you in the right direction by providing you with the theory behind what you’re trying to achieve as well as recommended reading and tutorials to help you get there.

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